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Group Therapy

Acquire a team of support. Share experiences. Empower one another through the recovery process.

Get out and LIVE LIFE

Treatment is not bound to the house! We get out, go hiking, go yachting, go whale watching and truly learn to live again

Private Therapy

Speak confidentially with our licensed professionals

Meditation & Breathing Exercises

Learn to control your thoughts, your breathing and acquire inner peace

Your Comfort Is Our Responsibility

We offer comfortable tempurpedic beds

Wholesome Dining

Food is Medicine! Our nutritionist created menu caters to healing the body

Personal Training

We provide personal training sessions as well as Yoga

Doctor on Site

Our medical team is highly experienced with addiction recovery and is on site to maximize our level of care

What Makes Us Different?


  Our house is truly a home. It is our life mission to provide the best possible care to ensure attainment of the best possible results. We offer multiple modalities of therapeutic treatment, provided by compassionate licensed professionals. 

    As a family, our team offers constant support and provides tools for long term wellness. Each staff member has been hand-selected through a rigorous course of interviews and trials. We only allow the most compassionate and experienced clinicians to join our team. We have 24 hour nursing, master level scholars with experience in mental health treatment and addiction treatment, creative and innovative counselors, and overall the most compassionate team around. 

   In addition to our array of therapy modalities and other strenuous healing work, clients get out of the house and do fun activities, such as boating and whale watching. We emphasize focusing on positivity. By encouraging examination of reoccurring thoughts and feelings, we always promote clients to take action in their recovery. 

   At R Rehab we believe in you. We provide the optimal setting and treatment plan for anyone struggling with mental health and/or addiction to restore their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. We would love the opportunity to help you uncover your inner strength and accomplish long term success. We care about your recovery. There is hope!

  We exhaust every angle of healing for every client's unique set of needs. By leaving no stone unturned, including long term recovery plans for once the client leaves our facility, we experience a higher level of our clients maintaining success after our care.



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Went there to detox and what a experience! All the staff is great they treat you with the up most respect and make your experience the best it can be. I've been to a few rehabs one of them in California this is by far the best place to go get clean and sober. Its very clean meals were prepared by the staff and its very healthy. If you need help with addiction this is the place to go hands down!!!!!

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